Marcin Slowiak

Marcin Słowiak Software Development Director Ocado Technology

Marcin Słowiak leads software development teams within Ocado Technology working on the  Ocado Smart Platform – Customer Fulfilment Center solution. Marcin has been in the IT industry for almost 20 years. He created one of the first internet banking systems in Poland, built cloud solutions for global distribution systems for airlines and led professional services for a fast-growing startup. Marcin is an expert in software development frameworks and models. He is passionate about people development and enabling organizational growth.

Marcin graduated from The University of Science and Technology AGH in Computer Science and holds an Executive MBA diploma from The  Stockholm School of Business and The University of Economics. Outside of work, Marcin enjoys mountain biking, scuba diving and programming games.


2018-06-08, Friday 10:00 - 10:30

Conference Room 1B-1C / level +1

Self-Organizing teams: is management obsolete?

Tomasz Kornas, Head of E-Commerce, Ocado Technology
Marcin Słowiak, Software Development Director, Ocado Technology