Kasia Konarzewska

Katarzyna Konarzewska Principal LATAM, Africa & Middle East Production Leader Mercer

Kasia is Operations Leader and partner for Latin America, Middle East & Africa regions, leading analytical teams and delivering compensation and benefits surveys. She has worked in several team transitions, focusing on operational excellence projects and improving client satisfaction.

After spending over 10 years managing teams in SSC/BPO centers, Kasia is convinced what truly drives team motivation and results; it is empowerment, trust and empathy. Passionate about People Management, Client Relationship Management and building Workforce of the Future.

Kasia holds a Master Degree in Political Science from Warsaw University.


2018-06-08, Friday 11:30 - 12:00
Future workforce

Conference Room 1B-1C / level +1

From internal workforce to extended talent ecosystem.