Ewa Carr de Avelon

Ewa Carr-de Avelon XL Catlin

Ewa Carr-de Avelon is heading the Poland Enterprise Shared Services center for XL Catlin, a global insurance and re-insurance company. As the general manager of the Polish branch, she manages the center with over 400 employees in Wroclaw.

She has 25 years of professional experience, with nearly half of this time spent in various managerial roles in the shared services industry. Her experience includes heading the HR Service Centre for Credit Suisse Poland, and the Sales & Marketing organization for Hewlett Packard’s Global Business Services (HP), with responsibility for operations delivered out of Poland and Romania. Prior to joining the SSC sector, Ewa hold a number of positions in multinational NGOs dealing with cross-cultural communication and international educational.

She graduated with a Master degree in German and Dutch Philology at the University of Wroclaw, and with a Master of Science in Strategic Quality Management at the Portsmouth University, UK. She also finished the Innovation and Entrepreneurial Certificate Program at the Stanford University, US.