Danuta Baranska

Danuta Barańska Creative Director Tétris Polska

Danuta Barańska, Creative Director at Tétris Polska. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Life Sciences at the department of landscape architecture. Since nearly 20 years she specializes in design of enclosed architecture and public spaces. In the 90s she was related to the Juvenes studio, then Paul Rene - as a leading architect and head of the studio (projects eg. New headquarters of Bristol-Myers Squibb, Innova Capital, Disney or Bre Bank). Since 2013 she is a partner of Neo Świat (now Tétris). He specializes in interior design in the Design & Build model, which involves close cooperation with the architect's executive teams. In this model we have created, among others, JLL new office building in Warsaw Spire. She is also responsible for contact between Tétris and other architectural studios