Arkadiusz Rudzki

Arkadiusz Rudzki Managing Director, President of the Management Board Skanska Property Poland

Arkadiusz Rudzki was appointed Managing Director at Skanska Property Poland in January 2016. Since then, he has been responsible for making strategic decisions regarding the operations of Skanska’s office unit in Poland.

Since his appointment as Managing Director, the company continuously achieves record-breaking results in terms of leasing office space. In 2016, Skanska leased nearly 80,000 sqm. In 2017, the volume increased to a record-breaking amount of over 100,000 sqm. In 2017, the company sold five office buildings for more than 300 million EUR. The unit managed by Arkadiusz continues to expand its land parcel portfolio with the most attractive areas in key markets across Poland, with special focus on city centres. In Warsaw, the company also plans projects outside the strict city centre. In 2018, Skanska Property Poland entered its seventh Polish market by launching the development of its new investment in Gdańsk. At the beginning of Q2 2018, the company is developing nearly 200,000 sq m of modern space throughout Poland. Skanska is the leader of sustainable development amongst developers.  The strategic decision to strengthen business development based on social dialogue, cements Skanska's leading role amongst developers in terms of co-operation with local communities and NGOs. Thanks to support from Integracja Fundation, all projects are developed with focus on the needs of persons with disabilities and will thus apply for Object without Barriers certificate. Spark office building, which will serve as the main office of Skanska Group in Poland, will be the first project to be recognized with WELL certificate, which focuses on the quality of office space.


2018-06-07, Thursday 10:10 - 10:55
Rethinking city competitiveness

Earth Hall / level +2

(Intro plus panel discussion)

Intro: Jeremy Kelly, Director of Global Research, JLL
Moderator: Karthik Hanumantha Rao, Partner, Global Sourcing, Everest Group
Iwona Dudzińska, Managing Director Citigroup, Head of AML Hub for EMEA Region
Arkadiusz Rudzki, Managing Director, President of the Management Board, Skanska Property Poland
Alok Sethi, EVP Technology & Operations, Franklin Templeton Investments